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News and Announcements

34th AFACT Mid Term Meetings scheduled to be held in Hamamatsu city, Japan during 23-25 May 2016

33rd AFACT Meetings alongwith 2015 eASIA Awards held in Tehran, Iran during 13-16 December 2015

29th AFACT Meetings alongwith 2011 eASIA Awards held in Chinese Taipei during 1-4 November 2011

27th AFACT Meetings along with 2009 eASIA Awards and EDICOM 2009 held at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi during 2-6 Nov 2009

27th AFACT Steering Committee Mid-Term Meeting alongwith 21st eAC Meetings held in Goa, India during 14-15 May 2009

AFACT 2008 Newsletter third issue

AFACT 2008 Newsletter second issue

2007 eASIA Award Newsletter Volume 2

25 AFACT Meetings 6-10 August 2007 held in Bangkok.

9th UN/CEFACT Forum held at New Delhi, India during 2-6 October 2006.

UNeDocs Workshop held at New Delhi, India on 3rd October 2006.